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The Big Celebrini 🎉

Macklin Celebrini is the expected #1 overall pickby Jim Semple

San Jose Sharks were the worst team (32nd overall) in the NHL this past year, and with the best odds of winning the Slackin' for Macklin sweepstakes. San Jose won the NHL draft lottery and he is expected to be drafted by the Sharks first overall in this year's 2024 NHL entry draft. There's no word yet from the Celebrini camp (likely as he's not been officially drafted) but many hockey analysts are expecting him to play in the National Hockey League (NHL) next year, after signing his ELC (entry-level contract). Most #1 picks play in "the show", the year after they are drafted with a few exceptions! Las Vegas will host the first round of the 2024 NHL Draft at the LV Sphere on Friday, June 28th, then further rounds will be announced the next day on Saturday (the 29th).□